4 Compelling Reasons to Plan a Golf Holiday in Cornwall

When was the last time that you went on a golf holiday and were able to completely relax and focus on your drive or putting game? If you’re thinking about planning one, you should definitely consider Cornwall as your destination of choice.

To be completely honest there are lots of reasons why golfing in Cornwall is a unique and enjoyable experience. That being said, these four reasons should help to do more than convince you, and you may even want to jet off immediately by the time you’re done:

  • Amazing scenic golf courses

One of the main factors that makes golfing in Cornwall so unique and enjoyable is its scenery. Depending on where the course is located, you can expect to tee off surrounded by stunning coastal and sea views, or breathtaking countryside scenery punctuated by pockets of woodlands.

In short you will be surrounded by the wealth, beauty and tranquility of nature itself – which should help you to relax and unwind completely.

  • Perfect for all experience levels

Regardless of whether you’re a competitive and skilled golfer or a beginner that is still picking up the ropes – you’ll be able to find courses that suit your needs from the many that are scattered across Cornwall. For experienced golfers there are some courses that are renowned for being challenging, while others are much more tame and perfect for less experienced hands.

  • Affordable to stay and golf

While you may expect golf holidays in Cornwall to set you back quite a bit, the fact of the matter is that you don’t have to break the bank. The green fees on many golf courses are very affordable, and even offer discounts if you book in advance. On top of that you could opt to stay at cheaper accommodation, or even camp or rent a spot in one of the various holiday parks in the area.

  • Lots and lots of options

It is worth keeping in mind that there are lots and lots of golf courses across the length and breadth of Cornwall – which means that you’ll have no shortage of options. In fact the sheer number of golf courses out there is part of what makes it perfect for a golfing holiday, as you could explore various parts of Cornwall while finding courses to golf at while you do.

Make no mistake golfing in Cornwall is an unforgettable experience, and based on the reasons listed above you should be starting to see why that is the case. To be perfectly honest there are lots of golfers that travel to Cornwall year in and year out just because of how unique it is.

Assuming you’re convinced – the next step is to look into all the options that are available. In particular you should check out the various golf courses that you could be teeing off at, and figure out which ones you definitely want to visit while you’re on your golf holiday in Cornwall.

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