5 Considerations for Selecting a Hotel Linen Service

Appearances are important for guests when they arrive at a hotel, especially when they’re on holiday. They want to stay in a place that is inviting, which includes having clean linens. By hiring a linen service, you can ensure your hotel’s linens are always clean and in good condition.

Choosing a Linen Service

When you are shopping for a hotel linen service, you will need to consider several things.

  • Are they capable of handling a business of your size?
  • The type of linens the services offer.
  • The service’s flexibility to changes.
  • Each service’s account management options.
  • How the linens are laundered.

Capability of Providing Service

When you’re searching for a linen service, you will need one capable of handling the amount of linens your hotel uses on a weekly basis. In some instances, you may need the service to delivery fresh linens and pick up soiled ones more than once per week. A small bed & breakfast may not be a big enough account for a larger laundry service to work with, whereas a large hotel chain is too big for smaller services to handle.

Types of Linens Offered

A good linen service should offer a variety of different linens to hotels, including sheets, towels, bathrobes, tablecloths, and perhaps even uniforms. Along with various towel sizes, your hotel should also be able to choose from different thread counts for bedding. The service provider should also offer other choices like bathrobes for your guests, or restaurant linens if you feature an eatery at your location. A Durham hotel laundry service may also offer uniforms for hotel employees so they can be instantly recognised as staff members.

Services’ Flexibility

In most cases, a hotel or bed & breakfast’s business fluctuates depending on the season. If your business is located in a tourist town, for example, then you may be busier during the summer months. The service you choose needs to be able to adjust their delivery schedules and the amount of linens they deliver according to your busiest periods. If they cannot easily adjust to varying demand, your business could suffer the consequences.


Account Management Options

A linen service should be able to offer online account management options, along with sending paper statements. It can be beneficial for you to be able to log onto your account when you need information about billing, the amounts of linens being delivered, or to make changes to the delivery schedule. Waiting on the telephone to get simple questions answered is often a waste of time. A streamlined account management option is always of great help.

How Linens Are Laundered

More people are concerned with what types of detergents are used during the linen cleaning process. It can be beneficial to your hotel to hire a service that washes their linens in an eco-friendly manner. This environmentally-friendly approach tends to use detergents that are free of fragrances and chemical-based dyes.

Researching linen services in your area will provide much of the information you need, so you should discover what options your hotel or bed & breakfast has before committing to a service.


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