5 Great Tips to Plan a Cornwall Camping Trip on a Budget

Camping in itself is already a great way to plan a trip to Cornwall on a budget, as you’ll end up paying less than what you would for a hotel. But rather than just picking the ‘cheapest’ campsite that you can find, you should carefully plan your entire trip so that you stretch your budget as far as it will go.

Assuming you’d like to do that, these five tips should definitely prove to be extremely helpful:

  • Find a campsite near public transportation

Instead of renting a car or driving your own, you could save quite a bit on transportation costs by getting around using buses and trains. Of course if you want to do that you should make sure that the campsite you choose provides easy access to public transportation in the first place, or it may end up being inconvenient.

  • Plan an off-peak camping trip

Camping in Cornwall is very popular, and during peak season (i.e. most of the summer) many campsites can get quite crowded and the rates are much higher. If you’d like to cut on costs, you should plan an off-peak camping trip – just be sure to check what the weather is like at that time of year.

  • Stay close to the places that you want to visit

Assuming there are certain attractions that you want to visit or places that you’d like to see, you should try to find a campsite that is close to them. Not only will this help you to save on your transportation costs, but it will also help you to ensure that you waste less time traveling to and from the various places that are on your list.

  • Book tickets for attractions in advance

Many attractions in Cornwall offer discounts for advance booking, and you should try to take advantage of them. If you already know some of the attractions that you’d like to visit – check online to see if they have discounts for advance bookings. It is worth noting that you may be able to get discounts for groups as well.

  • Cook your own meals

Eating out constantly can get quite expensive, and although there are many options for budget meals nothing is quite as cost-effective as cooking your own. Most of the bigger campsites in Cornwall have cooking facilities of some kind, and you should plan to make use of them at least some of the time.

If you’re hunting around for a camping Cornwall holiday park that can act as a central base from which you explore the area, you may want to try:

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In any case now that you know how to go about planning your Cornwall camping trip so that you really get the most bang for your buck – you should be able to get started. Be sure to fully utilize all the tips listed above so that you can have an enjoyable trip on the cheap.

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