5 Ways To Find Bargain International Flights

When it comes to taking a well deserved holiday, the flight is often the biggest expense of the trip. The cost of the flight will often dictate which international locations you can realistically expect to be able to visit, but if you are savvy, you can save money and perhaps stretch a little further to somewhere more exotic.

While it may seem overwhelming shopping around for flights, with all of the different flight search engines and companies offering packages, it is definitely worth the little bit of extra effort as you could be saving hundreds of pounds.

We often end up paying over the odds for all sorts of things when flying, from checking our luggage to buying food in-flight, but you can follow these five tips to make sure you are paying as little as possible for your flight itself!

Browse in Incognito mode when searching for flights

Airlines increase the price if you search for the same flight more than once, in a bid to scare you into booking before the price creeps even higher.

You can also clear your cookies after you’ve searched for flights to avoid this.

Find the cheapest day to fly

Use a search like skyscanner.com or Google Flights and try searching in the whole month rather than a specific date. This should then give you the different fares for each day that month, and you can plan your trip according to when it’s going to cost you the least, great if you can be flexible on dates.

Typically it’s cheapest to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, so try to include at least one leg of your journey on one of these days when searching for deals.

Sign up to newsletters

We spoke to travel company Globehunters, who said: “Apart from checking for deals yourself, it’s worth signing up to newsletters from airlines and travel companies to have the best deals delivered straight to your inbox, which means you’re less likely to miss out on deals”.

Newsletters typically include flash sales, last minute deals, or new routes with introductory rates, so it’s well worth signing up for a couple and keeping an eye on your inbox!

Buy early or late

Buying well in advance, or very last minute is your best bet to get a good price.

Especially for international flights, booking months in advance is the most foolproof way to make sure you get the best fare. Costs go up the closer it gets to the travel date, especially during peak travel periods.

You can also find some great deals last minute, by snapping up seats that haven’t been filled. This is especially likely on chartered flights, where the seats have already been paid for by the travel company, who will be keen to shift them to recoup costs.

Buy tickets separately

Sometimes it can work out cheaper to book each leg of your journey separately, even with different airlines. This is not always the case, but it’s certainly worth checking! Some airlines do charge more for a one way ticket, but you could still save.

If your flight involves a layover, it can often be cheaper than a direct flight. Looking into buying your connecting flights separately can even save you a little bit more. Make sure you leave enough time to catch your connecting flight though, and don’t book flights hours apart just in case your first flight arrives late.

If you are really savvy, you could even plan this layover into your holiday and continue your journey a few days later. If you save enough this way you could cover the cost of accommodation.

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