Experience the Magic of Villas in Bali

Bali is a scenic place in Indonesia and one of the most beautiful tropical places in the world. The wonder of nature is at its best in this area. Stunning mountains, raging waters of the ocean, and the sensuous greenery are all a beauty to behold. The best thing about Bali is the luxury villas in Bali that tourists can choose from. Most visitors choose to stay in villas because they are budget-friendly. There are a variety of options for villas depending on one’s location, budget, number of bedrooms and the area.

Different Luxury Villas in Bali

  • Seminal Villas

These are one of the famous places in Bali and the most visited one. It is the nearest to the airport, making it the first choice for most tourist. The villas here contain various amenities so that they can cater to all manner of visitors. There are also shopping stores and boutiques in close proximity. If you are lucky enough, you may book a beachfront villa or some other option which is more affordable. Someone who loves food would enjoy treating their taste buds here.

  • Nusa Dua Villas

If you would love to be pampered on your vacation, this is a perfect one suited for you. You can check out Nusa Dua which is just half an hour drive from the airport by car. Situated along the beach, these villas in Bali provide each and every aspect of luxury. You can do activities like scuba, snorkeling, swimming and diving. Famous and five star hotels like Westin, Bali-Aga, Conrad, Nikko, Grand Hyatt and Nusa Dua Beach, all have their hotels in Bali. The price maybe high, but it sure is worth it.

  • Uluwatu Villas

If you want to stay on a cliff, then Uluwatu Villas are what you need. The villas here are above the sea level, you can get to see the captivating views of the Indian Ocean. One can also engage in surfing because this area of Bali is famous for surfing too. At night, you can also enjoy the breathtaking sunset and the ocean breeze that will entice your senses. If you are a group of, say 5, you can try their 5-bedroom villas.

  • Umalas Villas

This is a beautiful and tranquil village in the paradise island. Here, you get to see the green rice terraces view and they also have the amazing view of sunset on the beach. One can have fun in Umalas by hiring a private villa. Each villa has one private swimming pool situated in the garden so anyone can enjoy the crisp atmosphere of the place when swimming. It also comes with fully-furnished kitchen where you can cook breakfast and dinner for the group or the family. Satellite television is also available for each villa to keep visitors entertained.

This is a small beachside village and is located in the coastline. They offer challenging surfing spots too for those who are into surfing. They are more personalized when it comes to their service because each villa has one dedicated staff to take care of all your needs. The staff is composed of a gardener, a private driver, housekeeping team and a private chef. You can even request for some private spa treatment. Staying in Canggu Villas in Bali will give you a taste of the traditional Balinese life. You can even request to participate in some traditional ceremonies.


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