Four Reasons to Hire a Hotel Linen Service

As a hotel owner, your guests are your priority and their stays should be as pleasant as possible. A major consideration in how well they enjoy their accommodations is cleanliness. If the room, including the hotel linens, looks dingy or dated, their feelings about your hotel will usually be negative and they will probably not stay there again nor will they recommend it to their friends.

Hiring a Linen Service

A good way to always keep fresh and clean linens in each room is to hire a linen service to meet your needs. Linen services are experienced in removing all types of stains including blood from towels, sheets, and robes or they will replace them if the stains do not come out. In addition, any linens that look frayed or have holes in them will be replaced at no additional cost to you.

Updated Styles

Along with always being clean, the styles of linens available from most linen services are always up-to-date. They offer the latest styles to accommodate a wide variety of clients within the hospitality industry. If you’ve updated your hotel’s décor or have decided to rebrand it, you can order different linen styles and/or colours to match the hotel’s new colour scheme.

Order Linens for Services

If you have a pool or spa in your hotel, you can also order linens specifically for each service area. At the pool, you may wish to order larger bath sheets so guests can wrap towels around themselves to dry off after having a swim. The spa may create a more relaxing atmosphere by using more luxurious towels for their guests than those used in the pool area or in each guest room.


A service manager at the linen service can help you select linens for each area of your hotel or you can browse their selections online before you place an order. With a good online ordering system, you can also update orders to increase or reduce the amount of linens you need on the next delivery. You will also reduce the hotel’s operating costs when you hire hotel bed linen in Tyne & Wear.

Save on Operating Costs

It is less expensive for many small to medium-sized hotels to hire linen service than it is to buy the equipment and do the laundry for the facility themselves. Along with the equipment costs, which includes washers, dryers, and steam presses, you also need a space for the equipment and storage for the clean linens. There are also other costs associated with doing laundry including increased water, electricity, and cleaning chemical costs.

By the time you add all these costs together, you can hire a linen service that will wash, dry and deliver freshly-laundered towels, bed linens, robes, and dining room linens to your hotel on a regular basis. You can order the style, colour, and type of linens you need for each area of your hotel to accommodate your guests so that they will have great experiences and recommend your hotel to their friends.

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