Holiday & Travel Guide For your Gambia


Within the Monkey Park, to start to see the bird and plant existence in the area, with a small cruise at sunset over the Gambian river, there are lots of activities inside the Gambia. Travel along its narrow but beautiful countryside with colour and sunshine all year round. A vacation in start to see the baobab tree every factor relating to this tree is useful within the fruit, seed items departing that are utilized as elements in sauces, drinks and medicines as well as for making ropes. Parks and reserves are dotted all around the Gambia. The widely used reserve is at Abuko, roughly 25 kms drive from Banjul. The park remains protected since 1916 because it boosts the capital having its h2o. Possess a vacation to a couple of from the local schools by leaving a donation to enable them to succeed inside their education.

You can go to Gambia National Park that’s also known as Baboon Island. Sadly the forest watercraft aren’t allowed to avoid that you ought to enter in the Island, this can be and so the apes might be left undisturbed, but it is still a great excursion and extremely picture taking. Abuko can be a paradise for people people that are bird audiences using more than 300 species in this particular tropical forest. It is best for your loved ones to determine its sights and sounds. If you want to determine an assorted quantity of cultural items visit the National Museum in Banjul. You will need several several hours to find out everything but it is well worth a trip there. If you’re quite daring and would love a great experience visit Bakau crocodile park to walk among the crocodiles, most are even friendly enough you might have your photo taken patting one, in the event you dare.


Gambia known due to its fresh sea sea food dishes using Barracuda, Atlantic prawns and butter sea food. Sea food are cooked with vegetable and grain. Try Domoda one of the islands typical dishes. This can be meat stewed in peanut puree and offered with grain. Chicken Yassa is cooked with lime and grain a tasty tangy dish. Gambia provides cuisine from all over the world. They are presented in luxury hotels and a lot of restaurants inside the metropolitan areas. Unhealthy foods could be acquired while not as accessible because so many other nations. Outdoors shacks do sell unhealthy foods but be careful you may be taking a vacation to the hospital afterwards pretty fast too.

Evening existence

In Banjul there’s minimum evening existence, or no it’ll be hotel based, however a brief taxi ride provides you with towards glasgow- Sennagambia and you will uncover all the evening existence you’d possibly want. The music activity is varied around playing all kinds from pop to Reggae and R&B. There are plenty of restaurants too, some playing local live music. You will have a evening out if that is what you are trying to find inside your visit to the Gambia.


You’ll find no designer stores or supermarkets inside the Gambia and there is almost no shopping in Banjul. You’ll find local areas, selling crafts and beads along with a couple of deals could be bought with silver items and wonderful material. Leather products, hands crafted jewellery and tourist souvenirs have related to any girl really purchase inside the Gambia.

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