How Volunteering In Medical and Healthcare in Ghana Works

Are you a healthcare enthusiast? If you are one of those who plan to work in big healthcare facilities someday, then becoming a volunteer in Ghana healthcare will be good for your career. You see, there is no denying that we are in a competitive world. What used to be okay is not that okay anymore. You have to enrich your resume if you are planning to be hired right away, then you must give them the right reasons to act on your bottom line. Always remember that your competitors will be endless thus see to it that your resume will be at least as colourful as theirs.

To Volunteer Overseas is not a joke. You must take this seriously as there will be a lot of people who will be affected. Especially when you plan to volunteer in healthcare facilities, it means that you will be dealing with sick people. They need to be taken care of properly as their health will be at risk. First of all, you must be familiar with their system. Here is how volunteering in a healthcare facility in Ghana works:

  • You will be working in a busy hospital in Koforidua. Here you will be working hand in hand with real doctors and nurses. You will be observing real surgeries and even assisting them. This is indeed your chance to learn firsthand what should be a great addition in your resume. In fact, more and more pre-med students are also volunteering because for this reason alone. Well, this might not be the main reason you will volunteer like maybe you really want to extend a hand but this should be a great help to your career as well.
  • This is also your chance to experience being in the midst of a really busy hospital while doctors are giving diagnosis to uncommon health conditions such as leprosy, typhoid and similar diseases. You can even ask those healthcare professionals in your network too explain things to you during your free time. Indeed this will be really a good chance for you.
  • You will get hands-on experiences in dealing with different situations such as in maternity, general practice and still a lot more. When your real work comes, you will not be a newbie anymore. With such a busy hospital where patients just come and go, this is the best environment where you will be able to learn a lot of things.

  • In this kind of volunteering, you are expected to work four days a week like from Monday to Thursday. Every day, you will spend 7 hours from 8 am to 3 pm. The hospital where you will be working is just 20 minutes by bus from your dormitory.

You should not miss this chance. Aside from being able to help, you will also be helping yourself in the process. You will be building your resume so that even with the tough competition, you will be prioritized.

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