New Features That Improve Pontoon Boat Performance

Pontoon boats are continuously becoming popular, and several people are enjoying using them. Creative technological advancement has made it possible to come up with new features that have holistically improved the pontoon boat performance. The new versions of pontoon boats are more luxurious, robust and speedy making the experience of riding in them incomparable. The manufacturers are sparing no effort in taking the performance of the boats to a new height to ensure high-quality services to users. Different parts have been modified in the recent developments to give the vessels a new touch, which is rendering increased efficiency at an affordable cost.

Improved carrying capacity

The new development in the manufacture of pontoon boats has seen an increase in the number of people the boat can hold at a go comfortably. The new pontoons have the capacity of allowing you and your family and friends to enjoy a luxurious ride without fear of the boat capsizing. Some pontoons are as large as 18-24 feet, and this new capacity allows them to host a crew of 10-14 people safely.  The ride in these new versions of pontoons is even made more relaxed since they are spacious. Quality seats, tables, and carpeted floors are all fitted in the boat.

Lower power consumption

Technology and creativity have made it possible to build new engines, which are fuel -efficient and very effective.  One of the new developments in the engine innovations has been the use of outboard motors. These outboard motors are cheap, and they have low fuel consumption as compared to other types of engines. This advancement makes the pontoons using this kind of engine very efficient, and the maintenance cost is also low compared to those pontoons with an inboard motor engine. With a little budget, you can be able to enjoy your sunbath, hikes, and fishing experience more comfortable when using an outboard motor.

Three tubes

Another important new feature that has increased the performance of the pontoon boats is the use of the three tubes. The three float tubes make the boat more strong by giving it increased stability while in the water. It also enhances the buoyancy of the boat and reduces water resistance making your boat more useful. The high horsepower engine cannot be handled by other smaller boats, and this makes the three tube pontoon boat exceptional as compared to the rest.

V-Toon technology

The V-Toon technology complements the three float tubes. It allows and increases the handling and performance of your boat. This technology cushions your boat against accidents when placed at high speed, and it ensures that your bought is safe and sound. The overall importance of the V- Toon technology is to increase the efficiency and safety of the pontoon.  With this technology, you can accelerate your boat to high speed and at the same time assured that you are safe.

The new features in the art of making pontoon boats have made them very sophisticated giving them the ability to handle different riding actions more easily. The pontoon boat performance will continue improving as new technology keeps popping up.

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