Port Arrival and Parking Options When Taking a Cruise

One of the many things you have to be concerned with when going on a cruise is whether to drive to the port of departure, ask a friend or family member to take you, or take a taxi. If you choose to drive, what are you going to do with your car while you’re away? Here are some options for getting to the terminal or parking your vehicle during your cruise.

Travelling to the Port

When you’re taking a cruise from one of the shipping ports such as the Port of Brisbane, there are several options for arriving at the terminal. Many people who live in Queensland will take the train to Brisbane when they want to take a cruise. However, the train doesn’t go directly to the port. Instead, you will have to take a taxi from Wynnum North station to the port.

If a friend or family member offers to drop you off on the day of departure, they can park at the port temporarily without being charged because there is free parking available. If you take a taxi to the terminal, the driver can drop you off in front of the terminal. There are some shuttles that will take you to port from the city and from along the coast, these shuttles cost approximately $50 per person if you are coming from the Gold Coast.

Parking at the Port

Some of the day cruises operating out of the Port of Brisbane do have small parking lots, but they are usually only for employees who work for the cruise operators. However, for other cruises, there is no parking and you will need to find space in one of the many commercial car parks that operate nearby. Most of these parks are a few minutes away from the port, but they have shuttles that will drop off at the point of departure.

You can park at one of the available car parks for the day or, if you are taking a longer cruise, you can reserve a spot for the duration of the voyage. Many car parks offer several services, including portside parking, while your vehicle is at their location. You can also choose to have your car washed or detailed while you’re away, and many car parks offer vehicle repair services. So if you need your vehicle tuned, you can have it done while relaxing on your cruise.

Arriving at the Car Park

Many car parks allow you to reserve space online for the day of your departure and you should plan to arrive at least 45 minutes to an hour early. This allows for plenty of time to check your car in and take a free shuttle to the port to take your cruise.

Your vehicle will be safe while you’re away because the car parks offer 24-hour security to ensure their safety. While you’re enjoying your cruise, you won’t have to worry about your car when you park at the port.

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