Sail the Mediterranean, Leaving From Barcelona: Book Your Experience Today

Just the mention of the name “Mediterranean Sea” can bring to mind thousands of years of fascinating history. In fact, this sea was at one time thought to be something close to the centre of the world or the centre of known civilisation. The name itself means “in the middle of the land” and is generally the only such sea to carry a capital letter in its name. (There are other seas with the word “mediterranean” attached for scientific purposes.)

The beauty of the land surrounding the sea, its generally calm waters, and access from some of the great cities of the world make this an outstanding choice for sailing. A number of opportunities arise when you begin searching for bases for sailing the Mediterranean, including the fascinating Spanish city of Barcelona. Its location has made it a very desirable destination for holiday experiences of all kinds.

Try Your Hand at the Helm

If you’re searching for sailing trips in Barcelona, you may want to make your arrangements with a company that will let you take a turn at the helm or just relax on the deck with a cool drink. You can arrange a private cruise of about two and a half hours with the first trip heading out in the morning. This is a great time to enjoy calm waters and the solitude of this beautiful region. You’ll even be encouraged to go for a swim if the conditions are right.

The afternoon trip benefits from south winds with the opportunity to give the more experienced guests a chance to get a feel for handling the boat. Get in touch with Sailing Barcelona for the last private trip of the day. The sunset sail is perfect for the romantic guest and it’s also a perfect time to unwind after a day in the bustling city. No matter which time you choose, you’ll certainly have the experience of a lifetime.

What to Bring

Guests are asked to bring only what they need due to the limited storage space. You should be more than comfortable with basic sun protection (such as a hat, sunglasses, and lotion), a camera, and perhaps a second layer of light clothing in case the temperature drops suddenly. You are also encouraged to talk with a representative of Sailing Barcelona if you have special requests for snacks or perhaps a bottle of the local Cava.

Trips begin and end at the Port Olympic harbour, pontoon 7. From there, you head into the Mediterranean from the Spanish coast. The experienced skipper will select a route according to sea conditions and wind direction with a focus on making your sailing trip as comfortable as possible. Options include sailing along the coast or passing the commercial port. You may also go straight out from the harbour to get a view of the great city.

Because Sailing Barcelona offers private sailing tours, the number of people on board usually ranges from only two up to ten. Larger groups are possible by special arrangement. Start your journey soon.

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