Seeing More of the Great Aussie Outdoors

It has long been a tradition in Australia to save all year for a holiday just before Christmas time. Some of us drive interstate to see extended family; some of us travel to a local beach so that we can get away from the stress; and some of us like a little more adventure and prefer to plan a road trip that takes in the sights and sounds of this great country.

A Different Kind of Driving Holiday

Whatever your holiday plans are this year, if you plan to do a lot of driving, it might actually be a good idea to explore the idea of campervan rentals and campervan hire from a reliable and reputable hire company. There are some great benefits to doing this.

Whether you have a small family, want to travel as a retired couple, or plan to see Australia with some friends, there is a vehicle to suit. You can hire a two berth RV, for example, that packs in as much as you will need, or you can go much larger and look at a four berth or bigger.

The best vehicle hire companies in this space offer a wide variety of extra features and other goods when you hire, including but not limited toroadside breakdown assistance package, a comprehensive insurance policy on the vehicle, GPS, extra linen and utensils, and detailed maps.

The reason why hiring a campervan or other RV is so cost effective is because it offers transport and accommodation in one vehicle. This means that you don’t need to rely on cheap and nasty roadside motel accommodation, or expensive hotel accommodation in a town. The other great thing is that you won’t need to rely on shared shower and toilet block facilities at cramped campgrounds. This is the kind of freedom that can really make for an enjoyable and memorable holiday experience.

For those that prefer as much freedom as possible in their holidays without having to follow a strict itinerary, a campervan or other RV is for you. By being able to drive on any road you want and eat and sleep where you want, you can spend as much time as possible anywhere without having to worry about someone looking over your shoulder. Imagine having the freedom to wake up and drive wherever you want and stay wherever you want. You are safe in the vehicle, can fold out a bed whenever you want, plan and cook a meal in the included kitchen, and even have a shower in the larger vehicles!

Some of the bigger premium campervans actually include DVD players, TV, USB charging ports, refrigerator and even air conditioning! This means that you get to drive around in luxury each and every day.

If you really want to experience the great outdoors in style, why not consider hiring a campervan? It really is a cost effective and memorable way to see more of Australia and have the holiday that you really want.

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