South Africa Cape: A Christmas to Remember

Most of us associate the Christmas season with colder temperatures and bundling up before opening presents underneath the tree. Although there is nothing wrong with a white Christmas, the fact of the matter is that there are always opportunities to enjoy warm weather while creating memories that will last a lifetime. South Africa is a destination visited by millions each year thanks to its diverse landscape, a host of natural attractions and a variety of urban delights. What has enabled this region to be so very popular and why should you consider visiting here during the holiday season?

All About the Weather

We should first point out that as South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. While the temperatures may be cold and unforgiving throughout the United Kingdom during December, this same time of the year is the height of summer in South Africa. This article illustrates that December is one of the best months to visit the cape as well as to view the plethora of wildlife located within the interior regions. The weather is generally agreeable during this time and temperatures can reach as high as 35ºC (up to 40ºC in central regions). This is indeed a notable departure from the cloudy and gloomy days associated with a winter in England.

The Beauty of Nature

South Africa is known as a home to some of the most amazing examples of wildlife on the entire planet. Unlike some other countries, the infrastructure here is quite developed. So, travelling to inland locations which are inaccessible by foot is normally not a problem. This is one of the reasons why there are several famous national wildlife refuges are found within its confines. Three notable examples here include Kruger National Park, the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and the Waterberg Biosphere.

Thanks to such amazing levels of biodiversity, visitors can expect to witness countless exotic animals within their natural environment. A handful of examples here include:

  • The African leopard
  • The Transvaal lion
  • The white rhino
  • The blue wildebeest
  • The South African Giraffe

The majority of visitors here will opt for guided tours, as the expanse of land is seemingly limitless. It is even possible to enjoy a safari that includes luxury accommodations such as immaculate hotels and full room and board.

Stunning Beaches to Behold

Most of us do not associate the holiday season with fun in the sun. However, South Africa is actually home to some of the finest stretches of sand on the planet. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean are also known to be considerably warm during this time of the year; sometimes peaking at 28ºC or 30ºC. The good news is that many of these locations are found close to major cities such as Cape Town. Some of the areas that are undoubtedly worth a closer look will include:

  • Hobie Beach
  • Bloubergstrand
  • Gordon’s Bay
  • Clifton Beach
  • Santos Beach

However, Camp’s Bay is said to be the location of choice for thousands of tourists every year. Located directly on the shores of Cape Town itself, this beach is known for its spectacular views, its pure white sands and a host of tourist-friendly restaurants. This location has also been awarded the coveted Blue Flag status in terms of the cleanliness of its waters. Camp’s Bay should always be experienced during any visit to south Africa.

Urban Attractions

Although it is impossible to overstate the natural beauty and the stunning beaches associated with South Africa, the urban delights here are just as impressive. Families will always enjoy spots such as uShaka Marine World (Durban), Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World (Durban) and the Mitchell Park Zoo (Morningside).

Those who are planning on a bit of shopping should make it a point to visit a large Cape Town market known as the Virginia & Alfred Waterfront. Anyone who desires to become immersed in the history of this eclectic country should always travel to the outdoor Apartheid Museum found in the city of Johannesburg. Sports fans will not be disappointed with what South Africa has in store; particularly when experiencing the host of attractions offered at the Moses Mabhida Stadium complex. These are only a handful of examples of the numerous urban attractions that await.

Finally, we should note that flights from the United Kingdom to South Africa normally last between 11 and 12 hours. As prices are known to reach quite high during the height of the Christmas season, it is best to book reservations well in advance of your departure. With the proper planning and by appreciating the unique opportunities here, the perfect holiday is only moments away.

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