Things to Do in Aberdeen, Scotland

European countries are a combination of so many different cultures that it can be hard to imagine there are still ones yet to be discovered. There are the Basque people in the northern regions of Spain who speak a language that is largely unrelated to any other modern tongue. There are those in the insular areas around Europe who speak mostly forgotten dialects of different cultures that connect the present to the distant past. However, few areas of Europe are as enigmatic as the British Isles. Interestingly enough, they are some of the most explored and most common elements of European culture. However, this culture that has dominated the hearts and minds of so many people around the world is not the only element of importance in the UK and Ireland. The history of Great Britain is one of constant conquest and cultural assimilation. That has created an entire ecosystem of different languages and traditions. The Scots language is one of them.

If you are interested in studying Scots or if you just want to hear the way the Scottish people historically communicated, Aberdeen is a great destination.

Lowland Scots

Aberdeen is known for many things; one of its most notable features is the continued prevalence of Lowland Scots. There are several languages throughout Scotland that have arisen due to the many different tribes and conquerors who existed on the island of Great Britain. There were Celts who came from Ireland, the Picts who originally lived in Scotland, the Romans, the Normans, and so many others. Gaelic is the most common remnant of the old Scotland; it is the language that was spoken by the Celtic inhabitants of Scotland, and it still retains some status around the country.


Aberdeen is particularly unique because many of the locals speak Lowland Scots as well. Scots is often called “Lowland” to distinguish it from Gaelic, which was spoken by the Highland clans. Scots, unlike Gaelic, is actually a Germanic language. It comes from the same roots at the English language. There are no formal definitions of what differentiates a dialect from a separate language, so there is some debate as to whether Scots is actually a language of its own. Due to renewed interest in the history of Europe, there has been a surge in flights to Aberdeen from a wide selection of European airports.

Cultural Festivals

Aberdeen is greatly influenced by its traditional culture as well as its modernity. There are many different festivals that take place throughout the year. There are large traditional music and culture festivals that celebrate Scotland as well as the country’s young artists. You can sample authentic cuisine and music at one of these festivals. If you find yourself fully embracing Aberdeen, you can even study Lowland Scots at a local university. Many people have found that they have a new appreciation for the complexities of Europe and the UK after visiting Aberdeen.

It has been ranked as one of the top 10 most desirable cities in Europe, and one of the top 50 in the world. It is a great place to live or visit, particularly for those that find enjoyment in learning about different cultures.

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