Top Things You Can Do In Colombo

Known as Ceylon back in the past, Sri Lanka is among the most exotic and unique destinations of Asia. No matter whether you like beaches or have a thing for historical places, this is one country that never ceases to surprise. If you are planning voyage Ceylon, there is no way that you can skip Colombo, which is the commercial capital and the largest city. Like most of the tropical cities, Colombo is blessed with mixed weather, and the sun is as harsh as the rains. Make sure that you are well stocked on sunscreen lotions, have an umbrella along and light and comfortable clothes to move around.

Here are some of the best things that you can do in Colombo.

Plan a city tour

Colombo has some great galleries and museums, which make for a good city tour. The National Museum of Colombo is a good place to go for a quick check, while a trip to The Sapumal Foundation can be rewarding, for it was the home to Harry Pieris and has some great paintings. Keep in mind that there are taxis available all through the city, but if you are booking with a tour operator, do ask them to include three-wheeler ride, which is quite an experience in Colombo. If you want to spend, having a guide may make things much more happening. Among the other places, you may want to include Gangarama Vihara, which is quite a popular tourist attraction.

Head for the Lavinia Beach

Just 20 minutes away from the main city, Lavinia Beach is the perfect place for a laidback vacation. No wonder, most tourists come here with a lot of expectations, and honestly, this place kind of hooks you right away. The suburb is filled with restaurants that serve awesome seafood for all kinds of budget, and you will find the place to be friendly for most people. So, whether you are with your partner or family, just come here to grab a drink and enjoy the incredible seafood restaurants.

Shopping and spa

If you are looking for shopping opportunities, there are some great stores in Sri Lanka worth trying. The shopping malls are great for sure, but you can also find a lot of stuff in the handicraft sections. The idea is to understand the costing because often these sellers charge tourists highly. Not to forget, there are some great spas here with expert masseurs, so for those who want to indulge, this is something worth a check. Always check in advance for the prices, because you don’t want to be tricked into paying more.

From Colombo, you can head ahead to many other places of interest, including Kandy. As for the stay options, there are more than many for all kinds of budget, but you can probably get better rooms and suites when booking in advance. Taking help from a tour operator is a good idea, especially when you want to cover most of the country on a single trip as that’s a viable option.

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