Traveling Is More Fun When You Take A Bus Tour

No doubt you’ve driven past them on the highways and seen them stopped at a rest area or roadside attraction. But have you ever been aboard a charter bus or motor coach?

If the answer is no, you might be surprised by the many amenities these forms of transportation provide nowadays.

In other words, these buses are nothing like the old yellow school buses, with their slippery green seats and dirty floors, that you remember from your childhood. Instead, riding in one of these luxury motor coaches is like a combination between being aboard a jet airliner and being in your own living room. They boast WiFi, overhead climate control, reclining seats, adjustable foot rests, several types of audiovisual capabilities, and — perhaps best of all — restrooms.

Just imagine for a moment how much fun it would be to climb aboard a charter bus with a dozen or so of your best friends, fellow church members, or relatives — or all of the above. You can play DVDs and CDs, or hook up a iPod to listen to your favorite songs. Everyone can adjust his or her immediate surroundings for maximum relaxation, and there’s no scramble to be first in line for the ladies’ room when the bus makes a pit stop.

Part of the fun of taking bus tours, like Las Vegas bus tours, is being able to see all of the sites from the comfort of your own seat. You don’t have to climb in and out of a car at each stop, or walk for miles just to see the highlights of a destination. The bus cruises through the city, you stay cozy and comfortable, and you can still get a great look at everything through the oversized windows of the coach.

Taking a bus tour or luxury motor coach offers several advantages besides simply your own personal comfort, however. This type of traveling is more economical than air travel or even road trips in your own vehicle — and it’s better for the planet, too, since buses have a lower carbon footprint.

In fact, coaches use the least amount of energy, and emit the least amount of carbon dioxide, per passenger mile, of any other transportation option.

Tour buses and motor coaches are also an easier, more convenient option for large groups. There’s no hassle over who’s going to drive or which cars to take, and no one has to worry about being lost, meeting at the right place, or experiencing problems with their vehicle that might slow down the whole shebang. Additionally, everyone can feel free to enjoy a glass or wine or a cocktail, since there is no need for a designated driver.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience the convenience, comfort, environmental benefit and just plain ol’ fun that comes with taking a trip — whether a day trip or an overnight jaunt — on a luxury motor coach, well, what are you waiting for? Book your bus charter today, and getting there will be more than half the fun!

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