Why Renting A Holiday Property For A Week Is Perfect For Visiting UK Cities

As anyone with kids will tell you, when it comes to going on holiday it can be very, very expensive, especially when you are looking to go away doing the main school holiday times, when prices can excessively rise and be out of touch for most families.

When it comes to going away for a week or two to a major UK City, from London through to Edinburgh, the cost of hotels can be massively expensive, as the usual options of cheap sea front B&B’s and caravan parks are normally not an option, for obvious reasons. Therefore, if you fancy a city break, whether you are from the UK or an overseas visitor, the cost can often put you off, as trying to afford a city centre hotel room that is of any quality for a week or two can really be eye watering.

Therefore, looking at a private holiday property to rent for the week can often be a much more viable option, and thanks to the team at Bath Holiday Rentals, we look at the reasons why you should be considering this for your next break away.

Cost Effective

As we have mentioned earlier in the article, renting a holiday property for a week is normally far more cost effective than renting a hotel room for a week. For example, if you shop around and find the right company, you can often save hundreds of pounds, as hotel rooms per night often vary, and of course, there is no guarantee you can have the same room for the week if the hotel is really busy, especially in the major UK cities.

Perfect For Large Groups

If there are many of you travelling, renting a holiday property for a week can seriously save you some money, as you can take a group of people away for the week and when you split the cost down, you can reduce the amount per person quite substantially. Most hotel rooms will take a maximum of four people, whereas a large holiday cottage can cater for up to 12, so you can quickly see the money that can be saved for large groups of travellers to the city.


Many Options Available

If you imagine how much space it takes to build a hotel compared to a house or property, then you can start to see why there are often more options available just where you need them, as many of the properties can be bang in the centre, rather than a short walk or bus ride away from where you really want to be. Staying in the heart of the city provides an amazing experience if you want to appreciate the true feeling, which is where a holiday property can earn some serious holiday appreciation.

Catering For All Budgets

Holiday properties often vary in terms of costs, but as most are not part of a massive chain, there are often more discounts and special offers to be had at most times of the year. Add to this that there are properties of all sizes which means you can find the right one for your group size and budget, renting a holiday property in a city can often be suitable for a wide range of budgets and open city travelling to so many more people.

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